2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Apr 12, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook

Aids Policy

AIDS Policy

  1. The primary goal of Robeson Community College in relation to AIDS will be education. There is no medical cure for AIDS. In addition, there is presently no vaccine to prevent further spread of the AIDS virus. Education about AIDS and its transmission is the most effective measure in the control of the disease. Additional information about the AIDS policy can be obtained from the Counseling & Career Services Office.
  2. Educational programs about AIDS will be available to all curriculum and non-curriculum students, college employees, faculty and staff.
  3. No person with AIDS, ARC, or confirmed HTLV-III antibody test will be denied admission to Robeson Community College on that factor alone. The College will analyze and respond to each case as required by its own particular facts. Persons with AIDS or AIDS-Related Conditions (ARC) represent no threat for AIDS transmission in the classroom and should be provided an education in the usual manner.
  4. All students will be encouraged to inform the Vice President of Instruction if they have AIDS, ARC or positive HTLV-III antibody test. Strict confidentiality will be maintained of any information and will only be used by the College to provide persons with proper medical care and education.
  5. Robeson Community College will not screen students or employees for antibody to HTLV-III or require that they be screened. The AIDS Task Force will be familiar with sources of testing for antibody to HTLV-III and will refer students or employees requesting such testing.
  6. No specific or detailed medical information of complaints or diagnosis of students or employees with AIDS, ARC, or a positive HTLV-III antibody test will be given to faculty, administrators, or parents without the expressed written permission of the student. This position is covered by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as stated in this publication.
  7. Medical information will not be included in the student’s record as unauthorized disclosure of it may create liability. The number of people at Robeson Community College who are aware of the existence and/or identity of students or employees who have AIDS, ARC, or a positive HTLV-III antibody test should be kept to an absolute minimum.