2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    May 29, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Industrial Systems Technology (A50240), AAS

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The Industrial Systems Technology curriculum is designed to prepare or upgrade individuals to safely service, maintain, repair, or install equipment. Instruction includes theory and skill training needed for inspecting, testing, troubleshooting, and diagnosing industrial systems.

Students will learn multi-craft technical skills in print reading, mechanical systems maintenance, electricity, hydraulics/pneumatics, welding, machining or fabrication, and includes various diagnostic and repair procedures. Practical application in these industrial systems will be emphasized and additional advanced course work may be offered.

Upon completion of this curriculum, graduates should be able to individually, or with a team, safely install, inspect, diagnose, repair, and maintain industrial process and support equipment. Students will also be encouraged to develop their skills as life-long learners.

Admission Requirements and Special Conditions

A high school diploma (or equivalent), satisfactory scores on college placement tests (or equivalent) and a minimum GPA in English and mathematics are required. If students have deficiencies in English and/or mathematics, RCC offers pre-college courses to prepare students for the Industrial Systems Technology curriculum.

Program Curriculum

First Semester (Fall)

Class Hours 7-9 | Lab Hours 18 | Credit Hours 15-18

Second Semester (Spring)

Class Hours 8-9 | Lab Hours 11 | Credit Hours 12-13

Third Semester (Summer Session)

Class Hours 5 | Lab Hours 9 | Credit Hours 9

Class Hours 11 | Lab Hours 14 | Credit Hours 16

Fifth Semester (Spring)

Class Hours 12-15 | Lab Hours 10-12 | Credit Hours 14-18

Total Credit Hours 66-72

Additional Curriculum Notes

  1. The Humanities/Fine Arts elective can be satisfied by completing one of the following: ART 111 , ENG 231 , ENG 232 , MUS 110 , MUS 112 , PHI 215 , PHI 240 , REL 211 , REL 212 .
  2. The UGETC Social/Behavioral elective can be satisfied by completing one of the following: ECO 251 , ECO 252 , HIS 111 , HIS 112 , HIS 131 , HIS 132 , POL 120 , PSY 150 , SOC 210 ,SOC 225 .

Completion Requirements:

  1. Only one math course is required to complete this degree. Students taking the Industrial Systems Technology Program have the option to continue their studies at a four-year university that accepts Associate in Applied Science programs such as East Carolina University BS in Industrial Technology [Opens in a new window]. These students are encouraged to take ENG-111, ENG-112, MAT-171, and PHY-151.
  2. ENG-110, ENG-115, and MAT-110 will satisfy graduation requirements, but are not transferable to a four-year institution.

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