2021-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    May 21, 2022  
2021-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Parking Regulation

Section I - General Regulations

  1. These regulations constitute the traffic code of Robeson Community College and shall be applicable to all faculty, staff, students and any other persons operating a motor vehicle on RCC owned or controlled property.
  2. Traffic regulations are enforced at all times.
  3. RCC reserves the right to regulate the use of any and all of its vehicle parking facilities to the extent of:
    1. Denying vehicle parking privileges to an individual or group of individuals.
    2. Reserving vehicle parking facilities for the exclusive use of selected and designated individuals and/or groups.
  4. The responsibility for locating legal parking spaces rests with the operator of the motor vehicle.
  5. Non-enforcement of any specific regulation does not negate RCC’s authority to enforce that regulation in the future.
  6. RCC reserves the right to amend these regulations and to add, remove or re-allocate parking spaces as the need arises. These changes, if any, will be effective with the posting of signs and/or markings as appropriate and will be communicated in college publications.

 SECTION II - Vehicle Registration

  1. It is the operator’s responsibility to keep his/her vehicle properly registered with the college at all times. To register a vehicle you must obtain a vehicle registration form from the Institutional Services located in Room 502, Building 5. You will be issued a mirror hang tag when you return the completed form. The hang tag must be hung from the rearview mirror.
  2. One vehicle hang tag will be issued per vehicle registered. Vehicle registration will be cross-referenced to student enrollment records and employment records. Termination of current enrollment or employment will terminate vehicle registration.
  3. The Student Services Department will be notified of change in enrollment or employment status by the appropriate office or department.
  4. Motorcycles and motor scooters must be registered and the parking decal affixed to the rear fender.

 SECTION III - Driving and Parking Regulations

  1. Areas posted “No Parking” shall be enforced at all times.
  2. The maximum speed limit on campus is fifteen (15) miles per hour unless otherwise posted.
  3. Vehicle movement on campus is not to be obstructed by stopping or standing for any reason except to park.
  4. Driving or parking on lawns or walkways are prohibited.
  5. Pedestrians shall be given the right-of-way.
  6. All accidents involving motor vehicles shall be reported to Campus Security.
  7. Vehicles illegally parked or abandoned on campus will be towed away and placed in commercial storage. Towing and storage charges shall be borne by the owner of the vehicle.
  8. Parking on or over white lines used to separate parking spaces is a violation.
  9. Individuals with repeated violations may be prohibited from driving or parking on campus.
  10. The following areas are off limits to general vehicles: loading and unloading areas, walking trails, shop ramps and enclosures, etc. Only maintenance, security, and grounds keeping vehicles may use these areas.

 SECTION IV - Enforcement Procedures

  1. Campus traffic regulations as published by RCC shall be administered under the supervision of the Institutional Services Office. Under North Carolina Statutes, these regulations have the force and effect of ordinances of the state and shall be enforced as such.
  2. Campus police will issue citations to violators of most traffic and parking laws. In cases of moving or other major violations, campus police or other legally authorized law enforcement offices may issue citations of summons.
  3. Fine and Penalties
    1. In all cases where a summons to civil or criminal court is issued, the fine upon conviction will be set by the court judge.
    2. Citations given by campus police will carry a $5 fine.
    3. Recipients of campus citations will pay the fine at the cashiers office located in the Business Office in Building 2. Recipients of campus citations who do not agree with the citation may appeal the issuance of the citation to the V.P. for Business Services or his or her designee. His or her ruling is final.
    4. Students who do not pay fines during the current semester will not be able to register for the next semester. Diplomas and transcripts cannot be obtained until all financial obligations are met.
    5. Employees who do not pay their fines will be subject to dismissal pursuant to Article 60 of Chapter 133 of the General Statutes of North Carolina.